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Omg Spm is around the corner :'( (30days to go) and I still didnt prepare yet .
All of my friends have improvement in their exams and I just sitting here watching their good result .
 mine getting worst . i just dont know 
I worked hard and sometimes even stay up late to study .
sometimes i feel like the dumbest person alive while with them
i just dont know what to do .
i've workhard to get good result but still ...

i cant remember thing i learn. i tried to make revison , but i cant do it alone . i need someone to guide me .
theres no one to ask here.
i just dont know how.
ADDMATH . seriously i just cant . its so upsetting if i cant do it . erghh

sometimes i feel like , i rather die than sit for SPM . i think it better if i die before spm 
its not that i dont want to live anymore , but im afraid to disappointed my parents and family :'(
they put high hopes from me . this burden just to heavy for me