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Spm's result

Yesterday was the day that I've been waiting for after years of studying at SMK Badin Tuaran .
Finally , I get to know my result for SPM .
To be honest , I never really focus while studying either at school or home . 
I'm the one that only studying night before exams. (kerja last minute)
I must admit it I was a little disappointed with my result yesterday because didn't get my best target but then I realize that this is not a barrier for me to success in my life .
I don't know why I didn't really nervous yesterday , I'm just excited to meet my friends 
(i know they miss me when all of them run and hug me tightly as I walk towards them)
Baba balik2 call me ask my result , but I told him it wasn't out yet . I think he's the one who nervous haha

As soon as the teachers tell us to take the result then suddenly I felt a little excited+nervous because Im the first person to take it omaigad omaigad
when cikgu Zai call my name then i was like " this is it iza, terima ja la apa2 aku dpt" 

after that, my friends pun excited tgok my result terus lompat2 ramai2 ahh hahaha 
Then, I call baba and told him my result . luckly he didn't marah my result haha

Lepas tu kami stay2 kat medan ramai2 . Last dah stay pakai baju sekolah kan anduu bahh.

And the results is...

It's okay It's alright , come on IZA fight fight fight ^_^
Better than nothing
Bersyukur dengan apa yg ada :D